Monday, November 15, 2004

No-Shave November 2004 Update (NSN2004)

NSN2004...15 days left, and I am itching like crazy. I am scratching and I feel like a poodle with fleas. (I don't have fleas, by the way) For those who choose to share in the countdown, I've added a counter to the bottom sidebar of the blog that is counting down "real-time" to the second. We can all wait in hopeful expectation for December One to come around. It's like Christmas without the milk and cookies...although I guess I could give milk and cookies for everyone as I shave. Peanut butter or snickerdoodles?

In addition, I have gotten a plethora of emails and comments from folks who have an opinion about my facial hair come December One. Most of the guys think I should go with chops or a full beard, and others...well, according to my friend Jess, "NO CHOPS! End of discussion." Everyone's entitled to their opinions, I guess.

In the interest of politics and all that, I want to give everyone an opportunity to vote on the issue. I was a political science major at MTSU, so democracy is near and dear to my heart. NOTE: This is only for fun and is in no way binding on my decision. Voting will begin at One A.M. on November 16th and end at midnight on December One.

If there are long lines, please wait. Every vote counts. The 2000 and 2004 elections have proved that, my friends. "Blog the vote!" Just like heavily democratic counties, registration and identification will not be required or asked of. If you are, please report them to

Casper the Friendly Ghost posted his vote right after Felix the Cat and I've heard that at least three of the Ninja Turtles will be voting. (Raphael is such a social misfit!). The rumor is that each of the turtles will be voting for clean shaven, but I think that is all out of jealously, personally.

I make to you this promise: every vote will be counted, and no provisional ballots will be handed out. We WILL NOT have a repeat of the fiascos in Ohio and Florida. United Nations observers will be standing by to make sure there are no irregularities. I will fight for you! VOTE HARD...VOTE OFTEN!

Happy voting!
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    I promise to post something substantial tomorrow.

    Fifteen days.

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