Thursday, December 02, 2004


Due to requests and popular opinion I left the great romance post up for longer than I had intended. But, I don't think this can wait any longer!

December One has come and gone and the shaving has commenced. The poll were skewed by at least two people. As of today, here are the standings:

Chops 74% 1100 votes
Goatee 2% 23 votes
Soul Patch 0% 2 votes
'stache 0% 1 vote
Clean Shaven 10% 147 votes
Full Beard 14% 206 votes

So...although I am not one to go with popular opinion, the masses have spoken. I decided to go with chops! For the next ten days I'll go with chops and a chin only goat'. Come December ten, I will have to shave all of it for my church's Christmas production. Until that time, I will relish in my vintage style, loving the fact that I am ahead of the fashion curve for once in my life.

On an even more positive note, I finished my last paper of the semester today. It as a thirteen page research paper on the emergent church. I hope to post it online at some point this week and link to it. I'll be sure to let you know.

till Christ is formed in us...


you oh god have eyes to see, what others hide in shame
you oh god have ears to hear, what broken people pray
and you call them back to your hand
and you call me again

where can i run, where can i go
where can i hide myself
from your always beautiful
where can i run, where can i hide myself
from your never ending love

you oh god have a heart to feel, when others turn away
you oh god have arms to hold, the hurting one in pain
and you call them back to your hand, and you call me again

--Enter the Woship Circle 2

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