Saturday, January 15, 2005

newness and change

This weekend, students are returning to school here at Boyce College. Yesterday was move-in and New Student Orientation for all new students (hence the name). As I worked in housing, then went to some other events with students, I was reminded that almost three years ago, I stood in the same shoes. I moved three hours away from the greatest city in the world--Nashville, and made my home here.

Who would have thought three years later I would have an awesome church home, have the incredible friends that I do, be involved in the ministries I am, and be an R.A. for Boyce College (or as we are known here, Resident Leaders). God always seems to delight in surprising us, doesn't He. Just when we think we have life figured out and planned, God intervenes and we begin the process again!

One such instance in my life happened about two weeks ago. Three weeks ago, iff you had asked me then what I would do after Boyce, the answer would have been simple: seminary. There was no doubt in my mind I wanted to get my Masters and head to the UK to do mission work. The only doubt I had was which seminary. I was torn between Southern Seminary and Golden Gate.

Well, just when I had my life planned out God showed up. I had an interview with a city strategist from the International Mission Board about two weeks ago. He was interviewing for three positions, one of them being working with University students in Wales and England. Yeah, that peaked my interest. If God so leads that way, I would enter under the Journeyman program in three semesters and head overseas for two years.

Do I know where I am headed? Not really. I do know that I will go with God and He will guide my steps and that is enough. So, as I begin this semester, I'm reminded of the newness that was and is and is to come. We never should become stale in our lives...God'll make sure of that. He has planned an awesome, exciting life for each of us; an abundant life. We just need to trust and to be obedient...even with the path is unclear or dark. Jesus said He would always be with us, even unto the end of the world.

until Christ is formed in us...


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