Monday, February 07, 2005

What's more fun than watching the Superbowl?

This is a test. There's only one question: What's more fun than watching the Superbowl?

The answer is quite simple: hanging out with a bunch of friends at a techno-savvy house, cooking and eating chicken fajitas, listening to weird, stupid stories and watching a freaky movie.

Yep, for the second year in a row, I have not watched the Superbowl. (Yes, I know...shocking!) Instead, Jess hosted all of us ruffians and we ate, listened to some old-school music and just had a stinkin' awesome time. I didn't even miss the football--the fact that I cared nothing about the two teams had a lot to do with it also!

I don't want this to be a sappy, journal-type post, but I just want to say this: it matters not what we do, as long as we have people who we love to share the time with. This sounds like some pithy, bumper-sticker saying, but truth rings within it. I could be at the dentist getting all my teeth pulled and enjoy the time if my friends were there...okay, maybe I'd still be miserable, but I would appreciate them being there.

The point is this: friends are a dear treasure from God and I challenge each of us to not take that gift for granted. Enjoy the time spent with them even if you miss the Superbowl, the mall trip or much-craved sleep. Nothin' says luvin' like a sleep-deprived friend being their for one in need. Don't take those late nights for granted...enjoy them (that is, the late nights and your friends). People much more important than papers, sleep and even the occasional Superbowl. Trust me...they are well worth the sacrifice.

until Christ is formed in us...


dedicated to: Jess, the hostess with the mostess, Q--my partner in cooking, Ashley, Biggz, Candace, Jason, Jerrf, Lindsey, Mark, and Sarah (the princess). You are not just're family.

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