Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the cross-centered hectic life

I am amazed how hectic life can be sometimes. We are always trying to get things done and simplify our lives, yet this very act adds so much to our schedule that our lives become even more hectic than before. *sigh*

Life, for me, is extremely hectic right now. With classes, work and student leadership responsibilities, it's extremely hard to fit everything in. I know I'm preaching to the choir here...all of our lives are hectic. When life gets so busy for me, I have this innate desire to return to simplicity. To run off with a group of folks I care about and form some kind community like the one found in The Village. Yet, I think, that would not be a solution. Even then, life was hectic with responsibilities. What is the answer?

The answer I've arrived at is to keep the cross at the center of our hectic lives. It is so easy for anything and everything to become central at some point in our day. Yet, by doing this, we lose our focus on what truly matters. This is not to say that work, school or whatever else we must accomplish and do to the best of our ability do not matter. To the contrary, every part of our lives are to be acts of worship to God. From scrubbing the floors to changing a baby's diaper, all of our day is to be done to the glory of God.

That's the realization that needs to happen for each of us. The cross, our hope in salvation and the God who gives it, is the center of all that we do. If we keep that as the center-point of our focus, everything else falls into place. It doesn't mean we won't be stressed, frustrated or even tired. What it does mean is that when we truly realize what life is about...everything else seems to pale in comparison. They don't lose their importance...but they do lose their power over us. The cross has freed us. We are slaves to no one and nothing but God and God alone.

Life will continue to be hectic for us, of that I can assure you. Yet if the cross is our center, if Christ is our driving purpose, the energy and power to accomplish all these things is no longer our own.

until Christ is formed us...

Sing a song of celebration
Lift up a shout of praise
For the Bridegroom will come
The glorious one
And oh we will look on His face
We'll go to a much better place

And dance with all your might
Lift up your hands and clap for joy
The time's drawing near
When He will appear
And oh we will stand by His side
A strong pure spotless bride

We will dance on the streets that are gold
The glorious pride at the great Son of Man
Let every tongue and tribe and nation
Rejoice in the song of the Lamb

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