Monday, April 18, 2005

li'l brudder

For those who do not know it, I am a huge fan. The website is basically a collection of cheesy cartoons starring (mostly) Homestarruner, Strong Bad and The Cheat. Months ago, Strong Bad was challenged to make Homestarrunner cry. He did it with a drawing of a one-legged dog named li'l brudder. By far it was one of the funniest segments on the website. Well, now the creators have topped it: the intro to a "li'l brudder" cartoon that is stinkin' hilarious. I urge you to watch it if you have the time. It'll definitely cheer you up watching this one legged dog "run" across the screen.

Check it out here!


p.s. He even has two little nubs in the front...

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