Saturday, February 25, 2006

nothing blue under the sun...

This past Wednesday, Dr. Mark Coppenger, faculty member at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, gave what was called a "Grandpa's Look at Blue Like Jazz". Although I did not attend the lecture, several friends did. At this point, I've gotten mixed reviews about it. I've now listened to it online and think it was less of a book review and more of a hit at Donald Miller and the "neo-liberalism" his book prescribes.

I am actually very disappointed in this turn of events. I find Dr. Coppenger a very intelligent man and was actually hoping he would give the book fair treatment, which wasn't the case in my opinion. He seemed to just use a lot of rhetoric and throw out some "witty" opinions about the book.

You can read David Brandt's thoughts on it here, or you can read Joe Thorn's thoughts here.

Also, you can listen to the lecture. Be forwarned, download times might be snailish!

until Christ is formed in us...

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