Saturday, January 06, 2007

re-visioneering a blog

It's been so stinkin' long since I've actually posted a post (is that redundant?) on this blog that I've debated on more than one occasion whether or not to just delete the thing that is a disciple's refuge and start anew. When Amy and I were engaged (yes, I'm married now...a shocker to all who read, I'm sure), we set up a blog that I had planned to continue....

Then I began thinking about this one...the original...ahhh, nostalgia. Could I really delete the blog that had so many thoughts about nothing on it? Would the internet just crash and burn if I hit the "Delete This Blog" button on the dashboard? I think it just might...and for that reason (along with others), I've decided to not press the button which would destroy the internet and throw Western Civilization into a new Dark Age. Instead, I've begun a process of re-visioneering a blog (hence the title of this post).

So here goes...

re-visioneering a name: disciples' refuge (see disciple is no longer singular...this is a place for my new wife--as if I had an old one, and I to post.)

re-visioneering a vision: sharing our life and thoughts, our wanderings and wonderings.

re-visioneering a concept: disciples' refuge will not be the home for the rantings of a crazy guy like it's predecessor. It will be a place where my wife and I will share things about our life together, our thoughts, pictures, recipes, hams, etc.

So...yeah...all this to say that Friday, January 12 at some time in the afternoon, a newer, better, re-visioneered blog will emerge from the ashes of a disciple's refuge. It's name will be written on the top task bar of your internet browsing screen for all the world to see (except those in the People's Republic of China where the government is attempting to limit and prevent the flow of information in an attempt to continue an outdated and outmoded quasi-communist/socialist/free-market goverment). See you then.

--mike (and Amy, who is watching over Mike's shoulder making sure he doesn't do anything...stupid.)

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Meg said... update. It feels nice to read the thoughts of my friends.

We're attempting to move to New Albany, but we're trying to buy a house.