Wednesday, October 24, 2007

partisan Justice Department?

Democrats have lashed out at the Justice Department for what they see as partisan targeting of Democratic candidates and officials for corruption investigations. Whether or not these allegations are true, though, we need to remember that many of those who have been "targeted" have been found "GUILTY" by a jury of their peers. The former Governor of Alabama took a $500,000 bribe. He's now serving a seven year jail sentence.

One thing Democrats need to think about: under the previous administration, was the Justice Department not told to look into churches who had supported Republican candidates and investigate whether or not they could remain not-for-profit? (Not that I think churches should in any way support a political candidate.) While the Justice department may be targeting Democrats, many of those are CORRUPT! Although that's never talked about. The United States government is more corrupt than any in Africa or South America, two continents whose nations are constantly accused of corruption. Perhaps we should point our finger at ourselves and solve our own corruption issues before leveling it at other countries.

What Republicans need to think about: could they stand up to the scrutinizing of their campaign finances? I doubt it. Actually, I am sure they couldn't. Both parties are equally corrupt and power-hungry, willing to sacrifice the entire nation to stay in power. They are both like toddler-bullies at a neighborhood playground. I'd say fire them all and start over, but we'd end up with a similar crowd within a couple of years. Stupid sin-corruption! Maybe the answer is term limits? Maybe the answer is Americans to stop being stupid and demand integrity from our elected officials!? Unfortunately, we would need to demand integrity from ourselves first, and that is unacceptable.

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