Wednesday, December 05, 2007

boycotting and the golden compass...

Often times, I think, Christians are known for what we are against more than what we are for. We're against: Disney, Homosexuality, Alcohol, Birth Control, Abortion, etc. The world knows what we are against. We don't have to tell them anything else. I remember a conversation with a woman in Scotland about Christianity. The first thing she said: "You Christians hate alcohol, right." She was amazed when I told her the Bible did not forbid alcohol. She had never heard that. She also had never heard about the grace and love of Christ for mankind, even those who imbibe! The world needs to be confronted with their sin, don't get me wrong, but I think all too often they hear condemnation coming from Christ's bride and do not hear about God's love and grace. The Gospel of Christ begins with God's holiness, love, mercy and grace and continues with the satisfaction of God's wrath toward our sin through Christ's sacrifice.

I think one of the reasons why so many know what we are against is because of concerted efforts to boycott things we do not agree with: Disney, Harry Potter and now The Golden Compass. The Golden Compass is a controversial movie releasing is based on a book series about man overthrowing a dementia-suffering god and his intellectually and sexually repressive regime (i.e. the church). Christians have been called upon to boycott this movie lest our nation attempt to overthrow god! There is even a group on Facebook calling Christians to boycott. Granted, there is a group on Facebook for just about everything.

Personally, in boycotting so many things, I think we miss an opportunity to dialogue about these movies and issues and even miss an opportunity to share the Gospel of Hope that we have in Christ. Do I plan on seeing the movie? No, but not because of any moral outrage. I do not think the movie looks that good and even looks a bit like a knock-off of The Chronicles of Narnia - which the series was written to "combat".

Paul (Pablo) Butterworth and Dr. R. Albert Mohler have both written about this topic, though, so I see no need to rehash. Check out what they have to say on the issue.

Like Dr. Mohler said, this movie is a great challenge to the Church. Perhaps, though, it is also an even greater opportunity. The same could also be said of many of the things we boycott and are so vocal against. Homosexuality provides an opportunity to proclaim God's grace, love and also His redemptive purpose in our lives. Abortion provides an opportunity for us, as the body of Christ, to walk alongside these women (and couples) helping them financially, emotionally, etc. in whatever ways we can.


Mark Goodyear said...

I've read the books. Mostly, it's much ado about nothing. I like Mohler's comments.

Sure, the movie is heresy, but it's lame unconvincing heresy. Not really a threat.

mike said...

Mark, thanks for the comments. I did like Dr. Mohler's point that Christianity will not be overthrown with a movie. Afterall...we survived the DaVinci Code!