Friday, February 15, 2008

the (sad) demise of Freddie T...

It's been long enough. I think I can finally talk about the demise of Fred Thompson's campaign. The emotions have settled...the tears have dried...I am at peace. Okay, perhaps it has not been as dramatic as all that, BUT I am saddened that (in my opinion) the best person running for President bowed out of the race. Sen. Thompson was the clearest, best conservative candidate. While I did not agree with him on everything, he had great economic ideas (like stop spending what we don't have, you morons!) and was a social conservative (although I would differ with him on a few issues here, too). He even looked Presidential. Granted, people said the same thing about Gov. Romney, but I think that was due more to the fact they confused him with Franklin Graham (don't believe me, look at pictures of the two side by side).

Sadly, though, my dreams of another Tennessee President have died. I do not think this was due to failed policy ideas or a general lack of charisma. I think the big reason was a mismanaged campaign. His wife seemed to be very unlikable by many of his campaign staff and ran away a plethora of them. They entered the race late, they did not campaign as heavily as they should, they were not able to raise the necessary funds, etc. All that being said, hindsight is 20/20. The fact is the campaign is dead. Gone. Cremated.


Now I have to choose another candidate to support in the primaries (Like it'll matter; Indiana's primary is in May) and the general election. I've thought about throwing my hat in the ring, but still have 5.5 years to age before I am constitutionally viable for the Presidency.

So, at this moment, the Fred '08 Banner will come down off the blog. Nothing will replace it at this time, although the new Dilbert widget is catching my eye. Now, I will have to choose a new candidate. I will listen to the debates. I will listen to the stump speeches. I will watch the relentless and monotonous negative television adds (or more than likely changes the channel to something else as I hate comercials). Come November, I will cast my vote for the next President; all the while wishing my choice could have been different. That a Republic for you, though. I'm afraid, though, that in November, we will once again be stuck with choosing the lesser of two evils.

We could always vote our conscience and vote third party, but, as we have all been told, that's a wasted vote. Stupid conscience.

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