Wednesday, March 05, 2008

headline in local paper...

Jeffersonville story update: Dog to give birth to puppies

Yep. You read it correctly. One of the headline's in Jeffersonville, IN's paper "News and Tribune" is Dog to give birth to puppies. I have a couple of thoughts about this headline:

1) What does the reporter expect the dog to give birth to? Firetrucks? While something similar may have happened in an episode of The Cosby Show, I don't think it actually happens in real life. Dogs give birth to puppies, a.k.a. small, young dogs.

2) Was it just a really slow news day in Jeff.?

3) Has it been such a slow news cycle that they have do do an UPDATE? That stands to reason this is at least the second story about this prego houndo (The official Latin term for a pregnant dog).

NOTE: In defence of the quoted newspaper, the story is about a dog who survived a house fire who is pregnant and will be giving birth. While I still do not think this is newsworthy beyond the standard neighborhood rumour mill (did you see how that trashy dachshund stares at every stud that walks past the window???), I wanted to give full information about the story on this blog. (Otherwise, I'd be a political spin-doctor. ) At best this headline was just poorly worded. At worst...well...see the three thoughts above.

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