Monday, October 18, 2004

this whole blog thing

Apparently, I am always the last on the technological bandwagon. It took me forever to get a pager, even longer to get a cel phone (neither of which do I own now), and finally, after so many people I know have one, I am a blogger. What does this make me, aside from late? Absolutely nothing. Such is my life! :-)

Hopefully, those who read my blog will get some insight into my Seinfeldian world (don't ask) and maybe, just maybe, something I write will be profound enough to be a blessing to them. The more possible outcome is people realize how pathetic and selfish I really am and how desperately I need Christ, even though I've been a disciple for over ten years. Isn't that the point of our walk, though. When we think we have come so far, and we see how much the Holy Spirit and the Word have done in our lives, we take an honest look at ourselves, and we still see the marrings of sin and the desparation that is our souls. Humility at it's finest.

I pray that those who read this will walk and journey with me, and that hopefully, we will see our shortcomings and our sinful behavior and be changed by the grace and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is my refuge...hopefully, it can be yours too.


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