Monday, January 10, 2005

things i love

Last week I had an interview with a guy from the International Mission Board for a university minister position in the United Kingdom. He asked me a question that I thought was interesting. He asked me what I loved. I gave some obvious ones and possibly some not so obvious ones, but (amazingly enough) it made me think. What do I really love? After much thought, here is an out of the box answer to the question. They are in no specific order and are about as random as my thought pattern. I hope this helps you get a small glimpse into my heart.

1. I love a good cup of coffee.
2. I love a great cup of hot tea.
3. I love any cup of Chai tea!
4. I love International Food.
5. I love reading whatever I can get my hands on.
6. I love watching people.
7. I love being with people and talking about anything!
8. I love Jesus.
9. I love writing.
10. I love animals--especially when they do stupid things.
11. I love when people laugh at my jokes (which doesn't happen that often!).
12. I love when people don't laugh at my jokes and look at me in that quirky, questioning way!
13. I love when people laugh at the random and sometimes stupid stuff I do.
14. I love talking about deep things.
15. I love listening to people.
16. I love having meals with people.
17. I love my friends (Especially when they do stupid things!).
18. I love my family (Eh...too easy).
19. I love romance.
20. I love romantic, sappy comedies known as "chick flicks" (for the most part--they have to have a good plot and good acting).
21. I love 80's music.
22. I love good movies with good plots.
23. I love real, genuine Christians who live life as it should be lived.
24. I love being Southern.
25. I love being Scottish (Lindsey, that is how you spell Scottish!).
26. I love the Great Romance between Christ and His Church.
27. I love the local church (this love lessens during business meetings sometimes).
28. I love hanging out with teenagers.
29. I love working with children.
30. I love teaching people about the Word of God and about living the Word of God.
31. I love when my friends make me smile.
32. I love that "look" someone gives from across the room that says, "You're great and I really care about you!" (Yes, I have had that look!)
33. I love waking up, looking at the alarm clock and realizing that I can still sleep for another hour or two.
34. I love a cold room when I go to bed and get underneath a ton of blankets.
35. I love camping.
36. I love fires (bonfires and campfires, not arson!)
37. I love Fantasy and Sci-Fi movies (Yes, I am a Trekker...).
38. I love getting random cards in the mail to encourage me.
39. I love serving other people.
40. I love cooking for people--I can microwave a mean casserole in the dorms, folks.

Well, I think that's enough insight for one night. And now for a good cup of hot tea!

until Christ is formed in us...


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