Saturday, February 19, 2005

here's your sign...

Ahh, another week over. Granted this one's been somewhat abbreviated since I was unconscious for part of it with a sinus and ear infection. But, by the grace of God and some powerful meds, I'm almost back to a hundred percent.

Last Saturday, I posted a stupid conversation I had with a guy in the bookstore and labeled it here's your sign. Well, I've decided to do another one for today under the same title. Considering all the "interesting" if not stupid people out there, this could become a regular thing on a disciple's refuge. If you hear of any stupid comments, questions or conversations or have any suggestions, feel free to email me at Eventually, I'm sure even my stupid comments and questions will make it up here, but I'm pleadin' the fifth till that day comes.

Saturday, February 19, 2005--Collegiate Conference at Southern Seminary

Working at the bookstore on campus, we do get many interesting questions. Today, though, we filled our quota. Realize that these are college students and graduates.
"So, I know I have this coupon and it says thirty percent off one item. Can I get it off the whole purchase?"
"Did you give me the thirty percent of the most expensive item? I hope so, because I don't want it off the cheaper one."
Customer: "Do you sell musical instruments here?"
Associate: "No, sir. This is a bookstore. We only sell books?"
Customer: " instruments, then?"
Associate: "No, sir. We only sell books?"
Customer: "So...only books, then?"
Associate: "Yes, sir. Only books."
Customer: "Is this coupon off the entire purchase?"
Associate: "No, sir. It's just off one item."
Customer: "So, it's just off the one item?"
Associate: "Yes, just one item."
Customer: "Can I choose which item?"
Customer: (through the closed door) "Yes, I want to get one book"
Associate: "I'm sorry, sir, we're closed. Our computers are shut down."
Customer: "But, I just want to get one book."
Associate: "I'm sorry, but our computers are shut down."
Customer: "So, I can't even get one book?"

*sigh* Aren't you glad God has a sense of humor...?


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