Saturday, May 07, 2005

the big two-seven

As of Wednesday, I am now twenty-seven years old. I don't feel any different, I think. My knees, back and elbows don't hurt. My eyesight hasn't suddenly degraded and I think I can still hear quite well. One thing I've learned about having a birthday on May 4th is that final exams in college always fall the week of it. I'm petitioning the leadership of the school to give any student with a birthday the week of finals automatic A's on all his/her finals. I'll keep everyone updated on the progress.

I know posts for the past two months have been quite sporadic. It's been quite a trying semester, personally and academically. It's over, though, praise God! Expect much more frequent posts and some new additions to the blog over the next three months. I thought about what I could post today, though, and came up with some things I've learned in twenty-seven years of life. Since I'm not under Ancient status, my wisdom is deep and wide--or so I've been told. So here is the list of things I've learned in life. Some have been lessons long since learned, but many are recent (which, for people my age, is within the past six years).

Twenty-Seven Things I've Learned

1. God is God and, no matter how I try, I am not nor will ever be Him.
2. Lego's, GI Joe's and Transformers are the coolest and "bestest" toys ever.
3. Sunsets, Sushi and beaches are great by one's self. They are even better with another person.
4. Unlearning things I've been taught about God, Christianity and the church and replacing them with something more biblical is extremely hard work.
5. Kindergarten was the best year of my life (afternoon naps should be par for all of life's course).
6. Ministry is about people, not about tasks, budgets, meetings, sermons, etc.
7. Every believer is a minister of the gospel, not just the "pastors". Each of us has a commitment to Christ and the proclamation of His Kingdom in the world.
8. Dogs rock! Especially big dogs.
9. Don't live life with regret. We can't change the past. If we can rectify the situation, we must do so, but if not...move on.
10. Life is short. We're not guaranteed tomorrow--make ever moment count and enjoy them.
11. Finding humor in life is the best way to keep one sane.
12. God, no matter what we think, is neither an American nor a Republican (or a Democrat for that matter).
13. Being Southern is an awesome thing! Granted, dealing with cold weather will always be a challenge for those of us blessed to be raised in the South.
14. Louisville, KY, while populated by a plethora of rednecks and Southern people, is not a Southern city.
15. People are more important than almost everything else in life. Life will not be happy with more money or a better job, but with stronger and deeper relationships. We all need to be more relationship oriented. This is something the Western world needs to learn.
16. Authenticity is of greater value than looking good or being cool. Without it, real relationships are impossible.
17. Try everything once.
18. The past is just that: past.
19. While we may want to go back and change the past, God has used it to create us who we are today. It doesn't mean we have no issues, but God'll work through those with us in due time.
20. Family is vital to all of us--no matter how squirrelly and redneck they may be.
21. Family (particularly parents) have a huge impact in shaping who we are for good or for bad. It doesn't mean we cannot change, though.
22. Love can be one of the greatest experiences in life and the most heart breaking...all within the span of five minutes.
23. Guys--we are basically little boys trapped inside big bodies. While we need to be the men God has called us to be, we also need to let the kid in us out to play sometimes.
24. The book is always better than the movie.
25. There are good aspects in almost all types of music...we just have to listen.
26. There is life, culture, love passion and happiness outside the United States.
27. My dreams are not necessarily God's dreams.

until Christ is formed in us...


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