Friday, April 29, 2005

you know you're from Nashville if...

You Know You're From Nashville When...

The word "snow" means a week off from school and maybe even work.

To you Paris is near Waverly and Athens and Rome are in Georgia.

You stop your car for ambulances, fire trucks and hearses.

You take down your Christmas tree before January first.

Someone within hearing distance is singing or humming.

There's a musical instrument somewhere in the house.

You don't do things without "fixin" to do them first.

You judge things as "alright", "fine" or "right fine".

Your food has beans or Tobasco in it.

You know what a T-Rac is.

You "luck up" and not "luck out".

Drivers stop before they turn.

Someone you know has written a song.

You own the boots but can't ride a horse.

No one around you is a native Nashvillian either.

You run red lights so you won't be hit from behind.

Fast food is faster inside than at the drive-up window.

To you a well-trained dog stays in the bed of the truck.

Half of the people at work know someone in entertainment.

Strangers ask if you're doin alright, and friends ask what's goin on.

You ignore country stars but dance and holler in front of football players.

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