Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Wow...it's been a while, hasn't it. I apoligize for the delay in a new post, but life has been busy and hectic. Amazing, though, as a student, that my life is just as busy during the summer as it is during the school year...just with different filler!

I do have to confess that this summer has been one of the best that I've had in Louisville. I can say I'm extremely happy...happier than I've been since the Fall semester. The stresses and crud of the past seven months has faded, being overshadowed by present hope and happiness! Life is good. New friendships are being formed. I'm leading a new community group for the college and career group at church and God is blessing it in tremendous ways. God's teaching me so much in so many ways right now. I hope to share some stuff over the next couple of weeks so that you can read what God's doing in my life.

Anyways, time is short and so is Danny Divito. I want to leave you with this quote from George MacDonald that I just read today.

"One of my greatest difficulties in considering to think of religion was
that I thought I should have to give up my beautiful thoughts and my love for
the things God has made. But I find that the happiness springing from all
things not in themselves sinful is much increased by religion. God is the
God of the beautiful, Religion the love of the Beautiful, and Heaven the House
of the beautiful--nature is tenfold brighter in the sun of righteousness, and my
love of nature is more intense since I became a Christian.

until Christ is formed in us...


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