Thursday, March 01, 2007

lent: an attempt at simple living

Lent. It is the season before Easter; 40 week days to be exact. Throughout much of Church history believers have fasted during this time. It's not a Roman Catholic thing; it's a Christ-follower thing.

This year, my wife and I have decided to fast together. We are going without something during this time that will make life...quieter. We have fasted from television. I did not realize how difficult it would be. American Idol is just beginning. Battlestar Galactica is getting crazy. House is...well, House is House! Plus, I am amazed how easy it is just to sit down, turn on the tube and surf the cable waves for mind numbing entertainment.

Lent has come, though. Gone is the television remote. Time has returned to the Hilliard household. It's been spent in conversation together...meaningful time with others...meaningful time with God...reading...and blogging. This year, for me, Lent is not just a season of fasting and remembering the Lord Jesus' sacrifice. It is a season to being living simpler. I'm not saying television is all bad. I still plan to watch a few shows after Easter.

Hopefully this season will bring renewed relationships with God and man. Hopefully it will bring a greater sense of simple living. Hopefully we won't veg in front of the television when other, more productive things could be done. Hopefully the time spent watching television will be filled with the reading and meditation on God's Word, prayer and cultivating the love we have for Christ.

Fasting: verb - subtracting one thing from life one will miss and replacing it with something...more valuable.

Wow...this post sounds very Doogie Howserish...or maybe a Lent card.



Gretchen said...

Great post . . . this is what I am hoping Lent will be in my life this year. Blessings on you both as you enjoy this quiet season together. It really is SUCH a blessed time!

Mike, I couldn't remember what you said the address was to the Simple Living page you found. Could you holla back and tell me again?


Bolo said...

Doogie Howserish? Hah! Yeah, it kinda does, come to think of it.