Friday, December 07, 2007

a christmas memory

For our company Christmas party, everyone has been asked to submit a Christmas memory that our coworkers would enjoy. Here is my attempt:

Memories…like the corner of my mind…

Enough of the Barbara Streisand! One of the “best” Christmas’s as a child was the year 1987. Picture it: Nashville, 1987, Christmas-time. The Presidential election was still a year away, Prozac was set to release in four days, and a 9 year old boy received a gift that close to 2.37 billion (possibly a slight exaggeration) other children would receive: an NES game console complete with the Light Gun and the Dual Game: Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Christmas morning was spent trying to find the Warp Zones in World Four then going to my Uncle’s Hizzous. In addition to the NES, this was a very special Christmas because, for the first Christmas Day in (literally) four years, I did not come down with the Flu! Even with so many good things happening on Christmas Day that year, that stupid dog still had the nerve
to laugh at me after missing a single duck. Stupid dog…he almost ruined my Christmas!

P.S. I'm also taking Christmas donations so I can get counseling for the recurring issues I have from being laughed at by Duck Hunt!

Hopefully they won't think I'm TOO big of a dork. We'll see.


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John said...


I know a good church counseling ministry that may be able to help you with computoquackerlaugher phobia, but you must want to get the help. I'm here for you, brother.

Pastor Daffy

PS Great blog. I'm glad I found it!