Monday, December 10, 2007

daisy and bumperstickers...

Daisy is part Boston Terrier and part Boxer. She has the color and markings of a Boston and the larger size of a Boxer. She has an IQ that could probably rival most frat members. She also has a combined jaw strength of both breeds put together. Rawhides last about an hour. Stuffed animals last about half that long. Quinton Bridges gave us some steak bones that he said should last close to forever...he was a little off. They lasted approximately two and half hours each. Thankfully, she never exercises her jaw muscles on our shoes. Saturday, we got her a new rope (the previous four are in shreds). To hopefully keep this rope longer than a week, I got one for 40-100 pound dogs (she's 28 lbs). Within a day, she had definitely begun chewing through it. *sigh* I wonder if we could get her a steel cable to chew on?

With her stamina and jaw strength, I thought about getting a bumper sticker that says "My dog can beat up your dog!". Then I realized how Michael Vick'ish that sounded and decided to just get one that says, "In case of Rapture, I owe Tim LaHaye a BIG apology!".


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Bolo said...

Oh, that's funny.