Tuesday, December 18, 2007

spelling bee word insertion...

I've decided to request that a word be added to the National Spelling Bee Competition. It is a word that became near and dear to me last night. The word:


Where is the word's etymology?
Middle English

What is the definition?
Transitive Verb: to make weary, to irritate.

Are there any alternate pronunciations?

Can you use it in a sentence?
At the grocery store last night, the woman in front of me, using the U-Scan and talking on her phone while horribly attempting to scan and bag her groceries like the one-armed man from The Fugitive, really irked me.

Irk. I - R - K. Irk

*long pause*

That is correct.

It may not eliminate any contestant, but I think we all see why it'd be a good word to have televised.



Heather said...

Hey, now. That one-armed man was surprisingly adept.

mike said...

True. Amazing what he could do. I always thought murder and mayhem required two arms.