Monday, December 17, 2007

a christmas song...

A good friend at church wrote this. Dave is a great guy who is also the worship pastor at Crossroad Church where Amy and I are members. Dave is incredibly talented and loves God and the "Big Picture" of the Bible and all of human history. I think it is an incredible song in its lyrical simplicity and beauty...kind of like Christmas should be. I'm kind of jealous I didn't write this. So, here is the Internet Dave Wilkinson Song Writing Debut:

Dwelling in a land of darkness
The people longed for a great light
God was soon to invade history
With his morning-star so bright
This child, the firstborn of creation
This child, the Word of God made flesh
His kingdom dawns within a manger
On straw he lay his royal head

They were hoping for a warrior
They were praying for a king
To sit upon the throne of David
And righteousness forever bring

Shepherds worshipped at the coming
Of their lowly Shepherd King
Whose staff and rod would rule the nations
Whose mighty love would guard his sheep
The Temple of the Lord’s Indwelling
The place where earth and heaven meet
Now finds fulfillment in this poor man
Eternal God a Nazarene

God is dwelling with his people
Though with no form or majesty
The light of men veiled as a pauper
A stone of stumbling he would be

Like a lamb led to the slaughter
By the hands of enemies
He did not offer up resistance
When oppressed he did not speak
He was pierced for our transgressions
Crushed for our iniquities
This child whom wise men gladly worship
Whose humble birth the angels sing

The Prince who gave us Peace through violence
Was Crowned with thorns and hailed as king
Our debt of sin piercing his body
He broke our curse through cries of grief

The Lord of Glory for the sinner
The Son of God for enemies
This child would be our bleeding Savior
This child who is the King of kings

He is the firstborn of creation
He is the Word of God made flesh
His kingdom dawned within a manger
On straw he laid his royal head

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