Wednesday, June 01, 2005

80th anniversary

I just read a news article about a couple in the UK (that's the United Kingdom, not the University of Kentucky) who celebrated their 80th anniversary. He is 105 years old and she's 100. The bride is quoted that the secret to their success is that they "don't sleep on an argument, always share and a kiss and hold hands before bed." In a world where over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, this is welcome news. It can be done!

Congratulations to Percy and Florence Arrowsmith. I pray they would continue to have a wonderful life together until the Lord calls them home. I'm sure it has not been an easy journey for them and has required enormous amounts of work, pain and hurt. They are an example to us, though, that a lasting, fulfilling marriage is possible. I pray each of us would have something like they have.


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