Friday, January 04, 2008

lessons gleaned from answering phones...

With nearly three months under the belt at WJK books, I think that I should begin sharing some of the lessons I've learned while working Customer Service. I'm going to share a few today, but I hope to share these valuable tidbits with you for a long time (at least a month or so!).

So, here are the inaugural lessons gleaned from answering phones:

1) If you use a hearing aid, you really need to put it in before dialing and not five minutes into the phone call!

2) Just because someone is talking very loudly over the phone doesn't mean they are yelling at the person on the other end (see #1).

3) Apparently, sometime "way back yonder", product could be shipped by Greyhound Bus. Those who remember those days are horrified to find out that Greyhound no longer does that.

4) What part of "You have the wrong number, ma'am." is so hard to comprehend?

5) After I tell you I do not speak Spanish, it is pretty much useless to begin spouting off the "ole espaniol"!

I hope you had as much fun reading these as I did learning them (at least in hindsight!). More to come next week.


Heather said...

On the other hand, if someone doesn't speak English, it helps if you speak louder English. They might understand that. (I actually worked for a doctor once who believed that.)

mike said...

My mom (and most of my family, honestly) believe that. Apparently they think the word "foreign" or "international" have something to do with hearing loss.

Bolo said...

My office has an "Asian Department"...with one person that works in that department. Guess who that person is?

mike said...

You're Asian?

Bolo said...

Sshh. I'm still coming out of the closet on that one.